Interesting Facts about Maldives

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The Maldives is one of the most famous tourist spots. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place to get mesmerized by its beauty. The major point of attraction is its nature and well-preserved tradition. It is famous for its beaches and has amazing views that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime. But this is not everything that makes it an interesting place. This place has so many facts attached to it that make it more interesting and worth visiting. There are a lot of things that you might not know about Maldives and today we are going to tell you those interesting facts.

World’s First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Climate change is impacting the entire world along with rising sea level and for a country like Maldives, it becomes the major threat. Many islands of Maldives have already been vanished by the rising water level in the ocean which is a major loss for the nation which is famous for its islands. To draw attention to this matter, the president of this nation, Mohamed Nasheed, arranged the cabinet meeting of October 2009 right to the ocean’s bottom. There were 13 more government officials along with the president who, with the help of scuba gears placed themselves on the desks which were under the water.

This didn’t increase the attentiveness about the threats that the island chains are facing. Other than that, he had a motive for raising awareness about sustainability. He was thinking to reduce carbon footprints in the entire nation. There were different aspects that were focused and those were sustainable tourism, biodegradable resorts along with garnering all the energy sources available on the islands, including solar power, water as well as wind.

It is an Island that was Formed by an Exiled Indian Prince

Maldives has been one of the best places to visit in the world. As we told you that not visiting this nation will forbid you from enjoying natural beauty. This place is also famous for its trade routes. But this has just happened in recent years due to development. This place was first colonized by people from India. We cannot tell what was the exact time and date as it is not known till now but it is believed that it was somewhere near 269 BC. Back then, there was no government.

The community was the only one who ruled the nation of islands and they used to pray for sun and water. It is believed that the first actual kingdom here was founded by Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya who was the son of a ruler of Kalinga which was a kingdom in India. The King once got extremely angry at his son and sent him to Maldives which was then called Dheeva Maari. It was the Prince who established the Adeeta Dynasty in the country. This dynasty was also known as Solar Dynasty and it came to an end after the marriage of the queen of this dynasty with a prince of Lunar Dynasty of Kalinga.

If you want to take a closer look at the history of the establishment of this nation then you might not be able to find what actually happened in the country as history is not much clear. We have a complete idea about what is going on there these days. If you go to the nation and ask a local person, he/she might tell you but there is no written proof of what happened.

More Than 1190 Coral Islands in its 26 Prime Atolls

We all know that Maldives is famous for its islands and there are many of them. You would be surprised to know that this nation consists of 1190 low-lying coral islands that are gathered into 26 atolls and you can see that in 200 inhabited islands of Maldives along with 80 islands that have tourist resorts. With so many Maldives hotels and resorts, this place becomes the best tourist destination. There are many of them so you can select whichever you like and the prices are not that high. Waking up with an amazing view is all we want sometimes to enjoy our lives to the fullest

The Lowest and Flattest Nation in The World

The ground level of the islands of this country is at 1.5 meters on an average which is nearly 4 feet 11 inches. The highest it has reached is 2.3 meters that is 7 feet 7 inches and that too at a specific spot in the Villingili Island. This makes it the lowest on the entire planet. This is the reason this nation is prone to sink. There are many islands that have vanished already and due to low levels and changes in climate, there are high chances of this country to sink. The water level is rising and this country is being affected by it every day.

Alcohol is Available Only in Resorts and Hotels

Being one of the biggest tourist attractions you must be thinking that getting booze would be easy but you are wrong. Maldives is an Islamic nation which means alcohol is prohibited over there. However, If you want to get drunk and enjoy your vacations, you can do that as alcohol is available in resorts and hotels. You will not find it outside hotels or resorts in the entire nation. You cannot take the alcohol out from the premises. Along with alcohol, pork is also illegal in this country due to its Islamic beliefs. In the month of Ramadan, every tourist is expected to follow Islamic customs like shunning drinking, smoking, and eating during the day hours. But there are some restaurants away from the main roads that can serve the tourists. By now you must have realized that nudity and topless sunbathing is not allowed in Maldives.

These were just some of the facts about this incredible nation. There are many more things that you can find out after visiting there for reality. If you are thinking of visiting this nation you should plan anytime soon. For sure you wouldn’t regret it. Traveling to such a great country would be the best time of your life.