Lifestyle changes that helps in boosting fertility

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The joy of holding a newborn is unmatchable and it cannot be explained in words. When you are planning to conceive or undergoing the IVF treatment your doctor will let you know how you need to make certain lifestyle changes to boost fertility. In this guide, we have mentioned the lifestyle changes to increase your understanding.

“Trying to get pregnant?”

You might know different things can affect women’s fertility like age or weight. In some cases, these factors can make it difficult to conceive naturally. Fortunately, the treatment of IVF is the best choice to improve conception chances. 

Apart from age or weight, other factors can affect the fertility level. Our fertility doctor makes sure the patient undergoing fertility treatment makes certain lifestyle changes that help in boosting fertility. When you visit our IVF centre, the doctor will give you better information by examining your condition and what lifestyle changes you need to make

Lifestyle changes to Boost fertility 

  • Say ‘No’ to smoking

We all know how smoking can affect our health. Unfortunately, around 13% of infertility cases are due to smoking. Different studies have shown that if women smoke more than 6 hours a day then the chances to conceive are reduced by 36%. 

  • Stay away from artificial light

One of the studies published in ‘Fertility and Sterility’ linked fertility problems to exposure with artificial nighttime light. With the artificial light the production of sleep hormone i.e melatonin is suppressed which protects the egg from getting damaged due to free radicals, especially during ovulation.

  • Improper oral care routine

Oral care matters a lot when you are trying to conceive and to boost fertility. Studies have shown those who need fertility treatment have a high risk of inflammation and gum bleeding as compared to those who conceived naturally. 

  • Regular calorie intake and folic acid

One of the studies has shown that those who consume daily calories have increased fertility levels. One month before conception, the women need to take the folic acid supplement (400 mg daily). When your body gets all the right amount of nutrients it helps to boost fertility and ensure smoother pregnancy. 

  • Be careful of the medications you take

There are certain medications like mood stabilizers or antidepressants which can affect the ability to conceive. The problem happens because the body starts producing prolactin hormones that affect ovulation. 

If you are not sure how the medications can affect your fertility then seek the help of the health care professional and discuss all the possible right options.

  • Lubricants

There are certain lubricants which can reduce fertility by affecting the sperm. So, make sure you get a sperm-friendly lubricant like pre-seed. 

  • Avoid Phthalates

Phthalates are industrial chemicals that are used in plastics and cosmetic products. It helps in increasing product flexibility and durability but leaves a very negative impact on fertility. According to a study, women who have phthalates in their system are at an increased risk of implantation failure.

Consult the best fertility doctor

When you are undergoing fertility treatment keeping these necessary lifestyle changes in mind can make a huge positive impact. No doubt, every case is different so for the best advice you need to consult the fertility doctor. For more information, you can book your consultation with our fertility specialist today only.