The LSP-One R5.0 is designed to mate with any of Holton Precision Audio's amplifier modules, however it can be simply adapted to any audio amplifier installation.

It protects one channel only, so two modules will be needed to protect stereo loudspeakers.

It will provide lightning fast protection for your expensive loudspeakers, should your amplifier fail and put 30 to 90 volts DC into your bass drivers. This unit detects the presents of any DC above 600mv on the output of any amplifier and instantly disconnects the amplifier from the loudspeaker.

It also provides a very convenient 2 second turn on delay at power up as well as instantly turning off the loudspeaker the moment you turn off the amplifier.

As well as this the LSP-One has the added option of connecting a thermal switch which would be mounted on the main heat sink. This would provide over temperature protection should your amplifier be used at high power levels on a continuous basis.

Also the LSP-One has it's own electronic regulated power supply on board, so all you have to do to power this unit is to connect it to the secondary AC supply that powers your amplifier.

The LSP-One is well suited to power amplifiers from 1 watt up to 1200 watts RMS as it has a high quality 30 ampere control relay.

The features of the LSP-One board are listed below.

  • Controls one channel only for ease of wiring and placement
  • Onboard regulated power supply, 60vac max input supply.
  • Onboard PSU is current foldback limited protected
  • 2 sec output turn on delay.
  • Immediate output turn off when powered down.
  • High current 30 Amp control relay.
  • High quality FR4 3 ounce copper PCB.
  • Status LED indicator.
  • Heat sink over temperature,loudspeaker shut off option 

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