nxv200 Stereo Amplifier

This amplifier shown below is an example of what you can build using the nxV200 modules. The amplifier is fitted out with ETI Eichmann Cablepods, Phonopods and Neutrik Powercon mains connectors. The power supply features 2 x 225va Antrim toroidal transformers and one PSU-Three power supply which is fitted out with IRF 60 Amp ultra fast soft recovery diodes and six high quality 6800uf 80 volt capacitor's, six protection fuses and four status LED's. Loudspeaker protection, delayed turn on and fast turn off is provided by two LSP-1 loudspeaker protection boards.

Here is what some of our customers are saying about the nxV200 Amplifier module.

I have a pair of stereo amplifiers using your 4X  NXv200 modules which were assembled by Mark Houston. I have to say that they are the best amps I ever heard.
With experience from a few other amplifiers, yours simply decimate all others. Clarity, soundstage, transparency and speed of bass simply eclipses any other amp that ive heard. They are so crystal clear that they do great justice to my 2 way floorstanders using Scanspeak 18W8531G00 and Vifa tweeter.
The amp is dead quiet. I had to strain myself to hear the slightest stirring of noise but it was coming from my hair that was rubbing against the cone of the speaker! I have thrown all my passive components away and set up my active crossover, with each driver independently powered by your modules.
The sound is so natural and filled with emotion that I challenge anyone to feel nothing after listening to them.
A truly exceptional module you have designed.

Guitar string resonances reveberate with authority! Walls are vibrating though the sub is off. So far this kills my Marantz amp in all aspects; warmth,clarity,soundstage,coherence and speed.
The slightly bright nature of the amp is neutralized by the mellow sounding Vifa tweeter. What emerges is absolute listening pleasure!

Dinesh, Melbourne, Australia

Anthony made a Stereo HPA nxv200 for me , the improvement over the Arcom AVR300 is mind blowing More detail and bass control in movies [war of the worlds] .

Jeff William SA, Australia

Congratulations on very fine amplifier Anthony, it exceeded my expectations. You should be very proud of this design.

The grip it has controlling a speaker is quite remarkable and smoothness is outstanding. 4 hours straight, no bleeding ears, fatigue or head ache.

Peter from RZaudio (aka rabbitz) . NSW, Australia

Preliminary listening impressions - no background hum or buzz, very quiet. Amps sound extremely nice! Nice clarity and soundstage, bass is quick and tight.

Dan Dearlow, Canada

Wow. Everything was there. Crystal highs, space, tight and deep bass. Everything was so nice balanced, no matter what type of music we were listening. After few hours and a few beers, my brother almost started to cry when we were listening Peter Gabriel's first album

Danko, Israel

This excellent chassis was supplied by Simon Brown of www.designbuildlisten.com

If anyone would like a pre-built and tested nxV200 stereo amplifier as shown below, please email aussieamplifiers@bigpond.com for cost and further details if required.


Power output into 8Ω = 110 watts RMS Continuous

Power output into 4 = 180 watts RMS Continuous

THD+N = 0.02% 20hz-20khz

Frequency Response = 5hz to 100khz - Filter Limited

Input impedance = 34k

Closed Loop Gain = 31dB

Dampening Factor = 400

Signal to Noise Ratio = -105dB







Photos below detailing the LSP-1 loudspeaker protection units and PSU-Three power supply





The next nxV200 stereo amplifier, shown below was built for a client in South Australia.





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