The PSU-Three power supply board is a high performance, low noise power supply that has been designed for use with the entire range of HPA audio amplifiers.

It is also suitable for use with any other amplifier modules available on the open market.

The PSU-Three is available as fully fitted out power supply ready to use or you can purchase it as a short form board without the main filter capacitors. This allows your choice of main filter capacitors, provided they are 10mm pitch snap in types and have a maximum diameter of 35mm

The PSU-Three is installed with protection fusing before the main rectifiers to ultimately protect the power transformer from a short circuit condition should one or more of the main rectifiers short circuit which would overload the secondary windings of your expensive power transformer.

Power supply features include

  • 60 Amp 200 volt ultra fast soft recovery diodes

  • Dual protection fuses before rectifiers

  • RFI filtering on supply rail output

  • Can be fitted with up to 60,000uf+ Total Capacitance

  • LED status on each DC output rails

  • Quick spade connections for input and outputs

  • Total of 4 x fused DC supply rail outputs 

  • Bleed down resistors across each supply rail

  • AC rail fuses installed before the bridge rectifiers

  • 3 Ounce FR4 Printed Circuit Board with Gold emmersion coating

The PSU-Three Power supply board is also available in a short form version as shown  below.

PSU-Three Power supply installed into nxV200 stereo amplifier chassis

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