The Important Ranking factors in 2020

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To grow your online business effectively, you need to focus on certain ranking factors. If you do not have proper knowledge about ranking factors, then you must read this article at the end. Since we are going to give you detailed information about everything related to the ranking system.

Are you running an online business and struggling to grow it to make it visible to several users? If yes, then you must go with certain essential ranking factors, which are useful to improve the ranking of your website. To know about the ranking factors for a website, you need to go with an SEO company, because only the SEO team will help you to grow business effectively. The most important website ranking factors in 2020 are explained below-:

Quality Content

No matter what the year is, content is still king. According to an SEO company in India, content quality matters a lot to grow business effectively without any problem. You need to focus on the quality of the content rather than quantity. Here are certain tips that are useful to make quality content. These are-:

  • The people who find it should get real value from your content.
  • Your content should include other media types than just text.
  • Longer content tends to perform better but quality trumps quantity at all times.
  • As RankBrain continues to get smarter, the importance of optimizing semantic searches will only grow.


A backlink is explained as a link to your webpage from other websites or web sources too. You may not be aware of it that these are considered as strongest ranking signals according to google. In addition to this, the more links you have from multiple high authority domains, the more likely your website will contain useful, effective, and high-quality content. They give Google a clear signal about how good quality and relevance your website is. That means Google will always give high-quality backlinks more weight than bad high-quantity backlinks. So, if you have quality backlinks, then you will get a high rank for your website.

Updated Content

Instead of posting new content every day, you must focus on updating old as well as existing content. This will help you to boost traffic and affects positively on your webpage. In addition to this, updating existing content is a safest, quick, and reliable way to boost targeted traffic and to give you rank bump.

Mobile Optimization

There are several websites that are not mobile-friendly, which may impact the negative effect on the webpage. If you want to see your webpage at a high rank, then you have to make a mobile-friendly website. Moreover, Mobile accessibility of a website influences directly how it performs on Google’s SERPs.

Click-Through Rate

The Google-designed search engine algorithm keeps changing and continues to improve. Although much is proprietary about this algorithm, Google is transparent about clicking through rate or CTR, which is a significant metric when evaluating SEO progress.

CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks the search result of your website obtains by the number of views or impressions. This basic metric speaks volumes about how well the SERPs work at your site. A higher CTR means the search result is sufficiently appealing and the search users are attracting the attention.