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felix wenzel
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When it comes to emotive marketing, the video format works best. It is also the most effective way to gain exposure to social media. It is said that within a couple of years, 80% of all content on the network will be videos.

As a social media channel, YouTube is overwhelming when it comes to value for money. People like to share video content, and Google seems to favor its own channel in search results. YouTube also follows much longer videos than other social media, so it’s natural to make educational videos, for example. From felix wenzel you can have the best choices made now.

felix wenzel

The rise of video marketing is 360 ° videos. They bring a new kind of experience, are great for training or branding your business in a true environment.


Podcasts are on the rise and an alternative to a visual bombardment of the network. By default, podcasts will soon be content similar to videos in this country. At their simplest, you can do them on your iPhone. As a newer platform, it is also a great way to stand out. Podcasts differ from broadcast radio programs in that they are subjective like vlogs. For listeners who value their free time, podcasts allow you to choose your own content whenever you like. For active listeners, podcasts go along with cleaning and jogging. Check out the audio text for a more in-depth blog post about trendy podcasts. Corporate content marketing podcasts are still to, but their popularity is seen to increase the development and application-side mm after Spotify expanded to podcasts.

Email Marketing: An Unsurpassed Content Strategy?

The strength of email marketing among the more recent phenomena is its intimacy. Personalization is now one of the marketing trends, regardless of channel. Although email marketing is traditionally a lead channel, it can also compete with good content and customer experience. However, when signing up for an email list, customers expect the brands to fulfill their original service promise in marketing.

Once email lists are in order, email marketing is a natural way of working within a limited target audience. GDPR is not a disadvantage to marketing, as it is enough for the customer to have an unambiguous statement of intent to receive emails. However, it’s a good idea to know the recipients because Gmail easily categorizes unsolicited messages as spam. Content has largely the same capabilities and requirements as a website from a mobile-friendly point of view.

Email to nail position

As customer data collection continues to grow, automation systems and the number of automated emails are increasing. The important role of email marketing alongside other channels is highlighted as big players like Facebook and also Google is beginning to favor paid exposure »at the expense of organic.

Rand Fiskin, one of the best-known names in search engine optimization, also encourages you to grow your own mailing list along with good content relies on e-mail marketing content strategy ensures that no third party actions not overly influence their own marketing. Among the new channels and formats for online marketing, good email marketing can be an ace with a good content strategy on its sleeve for long-term success.