Significance of using masks
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A face mask is used for the protection of preventing the spread of viruses or any viral infections or disease which is caused by Bacteria or Viruses. It is made up of clothes which are soft in touch. These masks were prepared for the people who were working in the cleaning of drainage systems and some other cleaning process and the people who were working in the construction of buildings and sites. Instead of protecting from the spreading virus, they use the face masks to avoid dust allergy while driving and they use to avoid the in the taking of polluted air and for protecting their skins form the dust. The WHO announced to the people that they who were living in the UK have to use a facemask and use some link

The people who were living in the UK were more aware of the spreading of disease or protecting their skin from more heat and dust. In foreign countries, people were more hygienic and they give importance to their health and for the skin. They use the masks in the research field and going to the hospital in this way they are protecting themselves from the dust and spreading from viruses.

Some critical situation

Nowadays the UK is facing the more critical situation of affecting COVID-19. It is a pandemic disease which makes people’s life like their life with corona. They lost their day to day life they were living a more scared life. They can’t able to live their normal life and they lost their livelihood and this pandemic disease sucks the people’s livelihood they are not able to return to their normal life. The UK has faced the loss of economic problem and most of the people were dead due to this viral infection and this situation makes the people have lost their family, children, and some children have lost their parents and some of them were lost their lives. After the spreading of COVID-19, they were more hygienic and they started to use the face masks preventing them from the virus protecting them from the deadly disease called COVID-19. People use masks for preventing them from disease and they believe that masks will protect them and they give importance for wearing masks they use masks and sanitary to make them safe. The face mask is used by all those people in the UK and they make it compulsory of wearing masks. The mask is prepared by adding some natural ingredients for protecting themselves from the disease. While they wearing masks, the disease-causing virus will not enter into the human body by breathing or intake of oxygen. By wearing mask this disease was not spread and there are no possible ways to affect the human being. These masks were prepared in more varieties such as one-time use and for surgical purpose and dust protection, the doctors use it while doing operations, likewise, the masks play an important role in some places. But in the current situation all those people who were living in unites states they should wear mask compulsory for the sake of good health and they should be happy and to lead their life happily. Likewise, the use of face masks is important and this is the way for protecting from the pandemic disease and people should be more aware of it.