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Websites and their maintenance are often a major financial investment for a company. Fortunately, working websites pay off quickly, and often much more. So how do you ensure that your website is working as the foundation of your company’s marketing that really generates more sales? From the best ads agency you can have the perfect deals now.

The simplest and most common way to track performance is to monitor whether pages receive quotes or leads. The basic functionality of web pages is usually also monitored with the free Google Analytics tool, which can track, among other things, the number of visitors,   traffic sources. Many are content with this information, and the pages do not measure visitors’ conversions, for example, for important business activations. This blog will tell you more about how you can see what visitors are doing to your site and optimize your user experience based on your findings.

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Finest Conversion Options

Conversion Optimization is a significant part of digital marketing. Its purpose is to develop a web page to get as many website visitors as possible to accomplish the goals set by the webmaster. These goals may include guide downloads, form submissions, direct e-commerce purchases, or CTA button clicks. You can easily measure and track your conversions with Google Analytics. While Google Analytics is the basis for web page analytics, it is limited and not all answers and problems can be solved by using it alone. It is useful to know exactly what your roaming visitors are doing on your page and looking for it, and how this is actually happening. It’s a good idea to use other web analytics tools like Google’s free Hotjar to support Google Analytics. The free version allows data collection at 2000 page views per day and limited reporting. The paid Plus version (€ 29 / month), in turn, allows for 10,000 pageviews for data capture, unlimited reporting and longer-term data storage.

Hotjar is a qualitative analytics tool that can be a great help to improve conversion optimization. It provides significant tools that specifically help you analyze visitor behavior on your site. In the following tutorial, I will go over the tools and tips provided by Hotjar.

Heat Map Analysis

When a website aims to get users to take the desired action, such as filling out forms, downloading guides, or making contact, it is important to look for elements or sections on the site that interfere with the desired action. Thus, heat maps are an effective and convenient way to optimize websites.

The Hotjar tool can be set to track specific sections of a web page and pages from which it builds heat maps for different devices. So, heat maps show what page elements users click, how they navigate the pages, and how far they average on the pages.

For example, heat maps can help you determine if there are elements on your pages that are misunderstood by users and whether important CTA buttons are positioned correctly or clearly enough. So you can analyze the results to see if the pages need to be redesigned to better reflect user movements.


One of the most fertile features of Hotjaris recordings that it allow you to investigate and track the movements of your visitors. Recordings help solve and illustrate website accessibility issues that can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

Last Words

So start by analyzing the usability of your web pages and tracking visitor traffic, and eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks in increasing online sales. If you need help implementing Hotjar or other analytics tools, analyzing conversions, or improving web site usability, feel free to contact us and start developing conversion optimization together for better conversion rates and more satisfied customers. You can also sign up for a free marketing consultancy with us to give you and your business practical tips on how to market and improve sales. Next time and great analytics!