What is the quality and packaging in Korean Circle Lenses?

circle lenses
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Korean circle lenses :

Korean round circle lenses velvet line and they have a gray-blue Korean hazel they have four different colors. These are twelve point seven millimeters so it looks really natural on the eyes which makes it also really comfortable because Korean circle lenses are a smaller diameter and these are really great and these are monthly caught up so you can wear them Korean circle lenses however much in a day.

Some of the guys don’t wear circle lenses every day So you don’t want to spend your money on monthly Circle lenses they also have like these daily Circle Lenses for one day only, one-day circle lenses and these are 13 millimeters in diameter.

Circle lenses that you can definitely find one that looks a lot more natural most of them wear the black circle lenses that naturally attracts peoples.

K-pop Stars Circle Lenses :

We Probably noticed that a lot of k-pop stars tend to wear colored circle contact lenses because it’s correct for their eyesight or maybe it’s just a change of their look either way it’s definitely a part of the k-pop aesthetics.

circle lenses

Quality of Circle Lenses :

Korean circle lenses are made of a special material called Puscon instead of the standard silicon Puscon has the same molecular structure as our bodies making it safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

This material helps draw moisture from the air creating a moisture barrier that lasts up to 12 hours. This is what makes their contact lenses so comfortable to wear. Once a contacted circle lenses are dry it moves into another machine that removes the lid off the mold then moves down the line and popped into a new tray of solution. At the end of the line that the use molds are disposed of as they can’t be reused.

The trays of circle lenses then go through their first round of quality checks each circle lens is analyzed through a camera. On another machine that checks for any scratches and defects and measures the degree of each lens any ones that don’t pass the check are removed from the trays and are disposed of the circle lenses that are passed move on to the cleaning stage.

Basically, the five stages of all cleaning and then it can be hydrated. The other quality check line was both machines and people checking the circle lenses. Samples are taken from each batch too and this quality checks like diameter the degrees, the thickness of the lenses, scratches and impurities.

Packaging the Circle Lenses :

The packaging area is where the contacted circle lenses get put into a solution and the classic trade before feeling it in like package and sent out of the stores. All the information about the circle lenses is laser printed on top. Sterilized again because of the actual packaging of oil paper on top. When the contacted circle lenses they’re checked and put in the box and delivered to the stores.